Top 5 tips for remote learning from an online student


Your move to remote learning may have brought unfamiliar tools, new strategies for success and general feelings of uncertainty. With so much going on, it can be hard to focus on new systems to help yourself learn. That’s where we come in. We spoke with Miranda Gaona, an ASU Online student getting her master’s degree in digital audience strategy, about her tips to help you improve your remote learning skills. 

Tip 1: Treat your remote classes like your in-person classes

Don’t head to an empty lecture hall, but make sure to schedule the time for the class that you would have if you were heading to campus. Each class still requires your full attention (that means no gaming or Netflix during lectures), and getting yourself into the mindset that this is your priority is key to helping you stay focused.  

Tip 2: Check in on every class every day

With everything going on, it can be hard to remember what day it is, let alone what you have due in each class. But it’s not something you can let slide. Miranda recommends checking in on each class daily (even if it’s not a daily class). Professors are learning too, and checking your email and Canvas daily can help you stay on top of any reminders, notes or updates from each class. 

Tip 3: Set alarms for due dates and study time

You may not be near campus right now, and if you’re in a different time zone, that can wreak havoc on your expected due dates. Make sure you know the time difference between where you are and your campus. Then schedule and set alarms on your phone or computer so you are prepared for every due date and ready for things like virtual office hours.  

Miranda recommends setting alarms to help you manage your study time, too. She schedules blocks of 20–30 minutes where she studies nonstop. Then when her alarm goes off, she gets up, grabs a snack, pets her pup or just takes a few minutes to unwind before restarting the timer for another study session. 

Tip 4: Take care of your body and your mind

This is a big one, especially when you’re stuck inside. Miranda tries to fit in 15–20 minutes of exercise before she starts her schoolwork to help her energize and focus on learning. She also recommends making sure you take care of your mind while taking classes remotely by trying out meditation. Try starting with these meditation sessions from the ASU’s Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience held every weekday at noon. 

Tip 5: Connect however you can

Being away from campus likely means being away from your social circle or support network. Miranda resolves this by connecting in every way she can. She’s joined social media groups, participates in class discussions and attends virtual office hours when she can. She notes that making these connections is important, and having people to talk to about your classes that understand what you’re going through is a big help. 

For more info and tips from Miranda, check out these helpful posts from ASU Online, where she is a regular contributor. Let us know what tips and tricks you’re using to help make remote learning successful for you by sending us an email at asuadulting101@asu.edu.

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