Top 5 challenge apps to keep you focused

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If you’re motivated by competition, these apps are for you. If you’re more interested in competing against yourself, we have a few apps for you as well. Use these challenges to connect with friends, reach new goals or keep yourself on track for good habits. Here are our five favorite challenge apps to get you started on your path to success. 

1. Fitness challenges

Get yourself and your friends motivated to work out by setting up a fitness challenge. Try a YouTube challenge and check in with friends every day, week or month to see what they’ve accomplished (or to coordinate workouts). 

Not super into working out? Start with a step challenge where you compete against others for a daily step goal. Use your fitness trackers or an app like Stridekick to set up the challenge. 

If you’re looking for a challenge where you’re your only competition, try this 30-day self-motivated yoga journey:

2. Reading challenge

Grab a good book and challenge your friends, family or strangers on the internet to a reading challenge. Goodreads is a great place to start. Here you can set a reading goal for the year, and document your progress along the way. Share your goal and your reading list with friends on the site to create some competition, or plan to read and discuss a few books along the way with a virtual book club

3. Photo-a-day

You’ve likely seen friends and family participating in photo-a-day challenges on social media — maybe it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon. Check out this collection of photo challenges to jumpstart your posting. Participate in the photo-posting individually, or tag a few friends and challenge them to join you on your journey. 

4. Money challenges

Whether you’re saving for something specific like a future vacation or starting an emergency fund, it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind when starting a financial challenge. Start moving toward your goal by using the Qapital app. It helps you save money with the IFTTT, or “If This Then That” feature. It lets you set up automated savings rules, like transferring money into your savings goal every time you like a video on YouTube, send a Tweet, or even when it hits a certain temperature outside.

Another great way to start saving is by following this 52-week savings plan, shown below (you can adjust the dates to start the challenge at any time). Using this form, you’ll deposit a certain amount of money toward your goal each week — starting with $1 in the first week and growing by an additional dollar each week after. At the end of the 52 weeks, you’ll have saved $1,378.00.


5. Language-learning challenge

Whether you want to master a language you’re already studying or you’re branching out to try something new, adding some competition to your study plan is a great idea. Duolingo keeps track of your progress and your learning streak (how many days in a row you’ve been studying). Share and compare your learning streak with like-minded linguists to build competition around who can maintain the longest run. Bonus points if you set up a Zoom session to practice your new language with friends. 

No go out and start a challenge! If you need some inspiration, check out this YouTuber, who tries and documents his 30-day challenges on everything from meditation, cardio workouts and sugar-free diets. 

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