How to prepare for post-quarantine life

male asu student reflecting on his experiences during quarantine in college

Things are different right now — from your schedule to your energy levels — and you’ve adapted well. Now consider what will happen when things change again. Have you picked up new habits during quarantine? And do you want to hold onto them, or leave them behind? 

Take time to reflect on your daily to-dos and the things (or the texts) you haven’t gotten back to. Start by exploring your habits and goals for these three areas of your life:

Your finances

Since there are fewer opportunities to hang out with friends right now, you might notice that you’re spending less money. This is a good habit to get into if you’re hoping to save, but how will it change as businesses start to open and restrictions to meet with friends eventually lift? The truth is you’ll probably start spending just like you were before quarantine unless you build yourself a plan to stay on track. 

Your social life

It’s probably not where you want it to be during quarantine, but this lack of in-person social experiences can show you a few things about yourself and how you might want to approach your social life in the future. 

First, start paying attention to who you connect most with. Note the standout friends or family members who you’ve been able to rely on over the past few weeks, from friends you used to spend all day with in-person to friends you've had the best Zoom calls with, who you'll be spending your time with matters, and highlights where your deepest connections lie.

Then you can start looking at which activities you want to keep focusing your energy on. If there are activities you’ve skipped during quarantine that you don’t miss (or felt relieved to skip), pay attention. Whether it’s a bimonthly hot yoga class or a concert for a band you don’t actually love, cross the things you’re not passionate about off of your future to-do list. Post-quarantine, you’ll be able to focus your time, energy and money on the things you really love.  

Your down time

One thing you have in greater amounts during quarantine is down time. You’re probably spending a lot of your time doing things you don’t normally have time to spend doing, likeat-home workouts, crafts or reading. Before your time starts to siphon off to things like social functions and events, write down all the ways you’ve enjoyed spending your down time. Keep the list handy for a moment in the future when you’re looking for a good way to relax — and so you never forget the joy of a good puzzle. 

Let us know what habits you’ll be keeping and which ones you plan to work on improving post-quarantine by sending us an email at asuadulting101@asu.edu.

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