How to find an on-campus job

ASU student at their on campus job

By: Zabric Kline, a senior majoring in accounting and a First-Year Success coach

An on-campus job is an ASU position designed specifically for students. Student workers hold these positions that help them reach their personal goals while also contributing to the university. There are a wide variety of on-campus jobs available at ASU, from working the front desk at a residence hall, to assisting the athletic department with social media, to working in the on-campus art museum or organizing events at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. Check out this video (filmed pre-COVID) that covers some of the exciting on-campus positions available.

How do you find an on-campus job?

The Student Employment Job Search Portal (follow the on-campus jobs link) is a great place to begin looking for student employment opportunities. From there you can start searching for jobs based on where you’re located and other factors such as whether or not you’ve been approved for Federal Work-Study programs. You may also want to search by a specific department you’re interested in working for, or by keywords related to the type of work you’re interested in. Check out a few fun and exciting on-campus positions that may have an opening for interested students (check the links frequently for new positions if none are currently available).

Is it possible to work while taking classes?

Yes! Working while also trying to balance your course load is easier when you use time management strategies and productivity tips to help you find a balance that works for you. (You can even reach out to your First-Year Success coach for tips!) A huge benefit of working on campus is that your work schedule can be tailored around your class and study schedules. On-campus positions (whether in person or remote) are more likely to offer flexibility if you have a big exam or project coming up, since your supervisor knows you’re a student and that your studies come first. 

What are some perks of working on campus?

To start with, the biggest perk whether you’re working on or off campus is money. A part-time job is a great way to earn extra cash. And whether you’re saving up for a future purchase, looking for some more room in your budget or could just use some more padding in your wallet, finding part-time employment is a great way to get started. You’ll also gain benefits like work experience for your resume, interpersonal skills and more. Need more convincing? Check out our list of the top five benefits of working part time while in college.  

There are even more benefits to working on campus. You can work close to where you study (if you’re currently on campus), and since your schedule will be built around your classes, you’ll avoid the scheduling challenges you may experience with an off-campus position. On-campus employment is also a great way to meet ASU staff, faculty members and other Sun Devils, helping you establish meaningful connections during your time at ASU. Connections like these may even help you with future applications for internships, graduate programs or post-graduation positions. 

What do you need to apply?

Each open position may require different application materials, but most positions will at a minimum require a resume and a cover letter. If you don’t have these materials or you’re ready for a tune-up, visit the career center, where you can receive assistance tailoring, writing or editing your resume and cover letter and much more. You may also need to provide a letter of recommendation for some positions, Federal Work-Study details (if applicable) and details like your class schedule information and availability. 

Why did I become a First-Year Success coach?

My on-campus job is as a First-Year Success coach. I became interested after two of my friends who were working as First-Year Success coaches had great things to say about their jobs. I really liked the idea of being able to help first- and second-year students because I know that college can be a challenge, and I never would have known how much ASU had to offer if I wasn’t told by my peers. I also think that there is a lot of value in a lower-division student being able to ask candid questions to an upper-division student who has the answer or can help a student find that answer.

When you work on campus, you receive a lot of benefits in return, from the lasting connections to resume-building work and a flexible schedule. For more tips and information about working while in college, explore our career topics, and let us know if you have questions about applying, or if you have advice to share with other Sun Devils looking to work on campus. Good luck with your job search! 


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