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The semester is off and running, and you don’t want to get left in the dust. Tough classes go straight from syllabus to slide one, and that means it’s time to kick your life into planning mode so you’re fully prepared for the workload and ready to ace your most challenging courses.

Make a plan (and stick to it)

It’s safe to say you have a syllabus for each of your classes by now. Start by adding all due dates to your planner or calendar app. Then start creating a study plan (more on this below) and charting out a schedule for each exam and assignment. This way, you won’t miss deadlines, and you’ll find enough time to add a few study sessions for tough classes.

Create your plan

That study plan we’re always talking about? Super doable. Check out this in-depth guide to creating the schedule that works best for you, then work on implementing it for yourself. The key is to schedule breaks as well as studying and test time. Planning breaks gives you something to look forward to and reminds you that you will be able to rest — once you get through your next assignment.

Get help with your plan

Get your time management and other skills up to par by attending an academic skills tutoring appointment. The tutor will help you manage your coursework, exam schedule and other life events in a way that works for you. They can also help coach you through prioritizing, help you develop study skills and even check in on your study plan. For more class-specific help, stop by the tutoring and writing centers.

Meet your professors

When you’re in a tough course, meeting your professor one-on-one is a good idea. Help them put a face to your name, and learn more about what their expectations are for the class. Stop in during your professor’s office hours to ask for clarification on an assignment, get more information about their research or just run your assignment past them before turning it in — but be sure you have enough time to make edits.

Find friends in class

Having a support group of students in your classes can make everything more manageable. You could find pals to study with, people to clarify things quickly if you get a little off-track in a lecture and someone to hold you accountable for attending each session.

There are so many resources at ASU dedicated to helping you succeed. Take some time to find the ones that work best for you and stick to your study plan. We know you can do it.


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