25 signs you're adulting like a boss

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1. You can fail without calling yourself a failure.You realize that your 20s and 30s aren’t about them going as planned. But how you adapt, change, and grow when they don’t.

2. You understand more references made by your 50-year-old co-worker than your 15-year-old niece. 

3. You like NPR. 

4. You realize now that you are more than the visible outcome of your work. And the outcome of your work might be more than what is currently visible.

5. Even though you’re still looking for a cure for your quarter life crisis, you’re realizing you’d rather experience a quarter life crisis now than find yourself miserable at middle-age because you avoided asking yourself the hard questions in your 20s. You can see now how your character was being built when everything around you felt like it was crumbling.

6. You start cushioning all vacations with an extra day at home for “recovery time.”

7. You’ve stopped trying to “arrive”. You realize that success is your 20s and 30s is more about setting the table than enjoying the feast.

8. You utilize your Flex Spending Account because you know what that is now. 

9. How bad you’re going to feel Sunday morning actually factors into your decisions on Saturday night.

10. You’re working hard to eat healthy and avoid gaining the “cubicle cincuenta“, even if your sole motivation is so you don’t have to keep buying new dress pants.

11. You find yourself raising an eyebrow at popular teenage fashions because… leopard print skinny jeans? Really? 

12. Silence has become this weird, welcomed breather. Doing the dishes becomes your relaxing getaway.

13. You can actually locate your crock pot because you actually use it.

14. You now understand what your parents meant when they said, ‘You’ll understand when you get older.’

15. As you make big life decisions, you’ve become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’re able to move forward without 100% certainty how it’s all going to turn out.

16. You’ve stopped waiting for someone else to make things happen for you.

17. You actually enjoy the work part of your work. You feel like you’ve started to own and hone your Signature Sauce — that unique flavor you bring to the world that no one else can.

18. You realize now that nostalgia is a liar. There were always problems, nostalgia just avoids talking about them. It’s hard to step into your future if you’re obsessed with trying to re-create your past.

19. You’ve stopped thinking a road-trip is going to solve everything.

20. When you finally realize that the world does not actually revolve around you. And that realization actually excites and motivates you.

21. Your fridge stops becoming a place where groceries go to die because you’re actually cooking and eating the food in there.

22. You stop waiting for inspiration, and you start fighting for it. The most inspired thing you can do is keep showing up even when completely uninspired.

23. You have a deep desire to read good books again and keep learning.

24. When you realize you can settle for a season without settling. You can work at your job and work at your side-hustle. Your job feeding you while you work at your dream. And your dream feeding you while you work at your job.

25. You stop being controlled by our generations’ OCD — Obsessive Comparison Disorder. You stop wishing you could live their life and start focusing on how to best live yours.

Adulting 101

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