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ASU student making time for wellness during finals week

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ASU student making time for wellness during finals week

It’s almost finals week, and you’re probably thinking, “I’ll rest when it’s over” or once you make it home for winter break. But while you may think that’s a good idea, it’s most definitely not. We... [Read more]

A book page that says "you are enough" the word "enough" is written in a pretty cursive

Fresh starts come around all the time, and really, you can argue that every moment is a potential fresh start. But right now, you have the luxury of a fresh start brought to you by the school syste... [Read more]

student studying for finals

The end of the semester is right around the corner — it’s officially crunch time. If you haven’t started thinking about the best study style for you, try these five tips to make the most of your ne... [Read more]

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Image shows three friends talking and laughing

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this weekend is the perfect time to get together for an impromptu Friendsgiving. The number one recommendation we have for putting together a quick — but... [Read more]

ASU students high five after registering for spring classes

There are only a few weeks left in the semester. While you still have time to complete projects and learn valuable information in your classes, it’s a good time to focus on how you’re going to fini... [Read more]

Healthy oatmeal and berry breakfast in a coffee mug

Boosting memory function could help create more successful studying and testing capabilities. Anthocyanins are flavonoids found in plant foods and are most abundant in darker colored berries. Resea... [Read more]

ASU students choosing good study habits to study for finals

It’d be nice if everything you studied, read or learned in a lecture stayed in your brain forever — or at least until the exam — but you know that’s not the case. Throw in a late night or a distrac... [Read more]

Adultinng 101

Sun Devils turn to ASU Adulting 101 to learn (some of) the things not taught in class. Not sure about how to do something? Need to connect with an expert? We got you.


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